Shortwave Diathermy is a highly effective and versatile treatment used to eliminate unwanted skin tags, spider/thread veins and other blood vessels, lesions and blemishes. It can treat areas of both the face and body and is perhaps best known for eliminating spider or thread veins around the nose.

This treatment was first used in the late 19th century. A very fine needle transmits an electrical current through the lesion or vessel being treated. The energy from the current heats and seals off the lesion or vessel, which then disintegrates and is disposed of naturally by the body. When treating a skin tag, the energy is transmitted through the base of tag and closing off it of and shutting down the blood supply on which it needs to survive.

Shortwave Diathermy offers fast treatment times and instant removal of all lesions and results with minimal or no downtime.

All of the following conditions can be treated.

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Advanced Cosmetic Procedure – £80.00

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